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Wesley Hall, a little bit about our supply chain ...

Comfort, Fashion, and Reliability may be what we are known for, but RESPONSIBILITY has been in our wiring since day one, FIVE generations ago. Our products are made in the USA, including the wood, cushioning, and finishing supplies that go into them. When questioned about the safety or Eco-friendly nature of our products, here are a few facts we proudly share.

  1. All of our wood frames are toxin-free. Made of USA-grown maple, our hardwood frames are kiln-dried. Fur-ther, the lumber used in our frames is harvested from AHMI-certified, sustainable forestry.
  2. Also made in the USA, our toxin-free glue is water-based, made from ultra-low VOC and HAP emitting materi-als, and is formaldehydefree.
  3. Our springs are made from recycled materials and employ a leadfree coating made from organic materials.
  4. All of our cushioning is free of fire-retardant, carcinogenic chemicals.
  5. We only purchase USA-produced foam from a very select group of suppliers, all of whom are widely regarded as exceeding requirements for safety.
  6. The down used in our cushioning is CertiPUR-US®-approved and comes from responsible down standard-certified suppliers.
  7. All of our wood-finishing materials are carcinogenic-free.
  8. 100% of our packaging materials are recyclable.

In short, you can rest easily (and comfortably) when buying from Wesley Hall. We take what we do and how we do it to heart.

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