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WESLEY HALL, A little bit about our supply chain . . .

Comfort & Fashion may be what we are most known for . . . but RESPONSIBILITY has been in our wiring since day one. Longer than day one actually . . . Wesley Hall was founded and is managed by the fourth generation of responsible N.C. upholstery makers. Our furniture is 100% made in the USA. In fact, all of our wood, cushioning & finishing supplies are made in the USA as well. When questioned about the safety of our product here are a few simple facts we are proud to share:

1. None of our cushioning contains "Tris" (a.k.a. 1,3-dichloro-2-propyl phosphate or "TDCPP"). This is the fire retardant chemical recently discussed in the press as a carcinogenic. Unlike many others, we only buy USA-made foam. In fact, we only buy from a select group of suppliers, all of whom are widely regarded as premium suppliers. Each is progressive in ensuring their products meet all safety & longevity requirements while being safe to live with.

2. None of our wood-finishing materials contain carcinogens. Our only supplier is in the USA and upholds the most stringent of safety measures.

3. None of our wood frames contain toxins. Made exclusively of US-grown maple, our hardwood frames are kiln dried and effectively, sterilized.

4. None of our glues contain toxins. Also made in the USA, our glue is water-based and safe.

In short, you can rest easy (& comfortably!) when buying from Wesley Hall . . . you are not only investing in the quality that we are well known for, you are investing in generations of RESPONSIBLE family owners who are committed to thriving in business today & tomorrow. We pride ourselves on continuing to uphold the highest of standards in Customer Service, premium construction & safety.

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