Our Story ::

For over a quarter of a century, Wesley Hall has been a driving force in the domestic luxury upholstery market.

Our success is a direct result of an unwavering commitment to . . .

- unparalleled customer service
- impeccable quality & tailoring
- fashion-leading style & color
- lasting comfort
- U.S. production

Our culture upholds that commitment beginning with our company's founder, Ron Deal. With over 50 years of upholstery experience, Ron sets the tone for Wesley Hall ensuring that we honor the tradition of hands-on involvement in every area of our business. Principal & company Chairman/CEO, Eddie Deal, represents the fourth generation of the Deal family in the upholstery business. Eddie has been with Wesley Hall since its inception and has experience in every facet, concentrating his efforts on company operations. Eddie's son, Marshall, has joined the team and ensures another generation of family expertise and ingenuity. Principal & company President, Zack Taylor, brings 20+ years of experience in the decorative fabric industry to Wesley Hall. Zack possesses a unique combination of creativity and marketing knowledge - cementing Wesley Hall's position as one of the industry's fashion leaders. William Whitener, Director of Manufacturing, has been with Wesley Hall since its beginning. He is known as one of the most talented and respected upholstery manufacturing specialists in our industry.

Our commitment starts at the top, but certainly does not end there. The depth of talent and experience of our employees are the driving forces behind our success. Each of 200+ employees plays a vital role in Wesley Hall's daily life & success. At Wesley Hall, the dedication and importance of our people are the keys to giving our clients a high level of personal support and involvement. Our craftsmen pride themselves in delighting our clients and making their creativity a reality - a very comfortable reality at that.

Take 2 minutes, literally, to learn more about our culture.

Wesley Hall - PO Box 9, Hickory, NC 28601 - info@wesleyhall.com - 828.324.7466