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At Wesley Hall we scour the world for exciting fabrics and proudly offer a comprehensive array of Performance Textiles - all of which are highly durable and permanently cleanable with soap and water.

To make shopping these options easier, we have branded these livable textiles with easily navigated WESLEY HALL PERFORMANCE identification.

Additionally, we showcase the 4 leading PERFORMANCE brands in the industry - CRYPTON HOME, INSIDE/OUT, REVOLUTON & SUNBRELLA. Each has its specific formula and unique performance characteristics. And much like our furniture, the vast majority of these amazing textiles are produced in the USA!

You can sort and shop all textiles by simply clicking "Performance" and can easily further sort by specific brand.

Included below are few product & cleaning summaries and videos that may help as you navigate the ever-growing world of Performance Textiles.

And as always, our customer care team is here for any questions you may have!

Happy Shopping!

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